About Him

Sri Sandeep ji is the finest creation of lord almighty when it comes to kindness and serenity; he is a savior for the masses. He manifested himself in a respectable Brahmin family at Kurari, Kurukshetra in 1990. He was bestowed with the name Sandeep Onkar by his father – Sri Sri 1008 Shakti Dev Onkar ji.

Sandeep ji’s extraordinary powers, sanctity and holiness has great effect upon the minds and spirits of all those who are connected with him. All men and women are enchanted with his personality and intellect. He is popular and famous not only among his near and dear ones but also among others who are in his contact by many other medium – social and political. 

Sandeep ji has been ardently working for the emancipation of the people; his grandiose family background makes him an apple of an eye of all the people. His compassionate heart understood the maledictions of corporal world and gave away all the worldly ambitions for the sake of liberation of people. He has been working since his childhood for the welfare of people. Seeing his keen interest in helping people getting justice since childhood, his father commanded him to remain with the people and to work for them whether it is socially or economically. 

His extraordinary character, elucidating the tenets of truth and practical devotion, has been an inspiration for other leaders and people. His discourses on the service of others and sacrifice for humanity are the hallmark of his profound intellect. His compassionate countenance and magnanimous mindset has made him a leader of masses. His profound knowledge of demography, inhabitants and proliferations has been a source of advisory of prominent public servants of the country. Many political and social leaders of the masses seek his support and counsel on many grave matters. Things don’t close here, from the early days of his twenties he has been acting as advisor to multifarious religious and social foundations, in recent past he has also been acting as chairperson of few of those peacemaking organizations; Sri Sandeep Onkar ji also the founder of Sri Jai Onkar International Sewa Ashram Sangh Trust headquartered at Kurukshetra.

Sandeep Onkar Ji is very active in various aspects of his life be it studies or sports he has clinched victory in all the fields. He is popularly known as Sandeep Sharma. He is a student with science background. He has completed his B.Sc from the Chandigarh University. Now he is pursuing M.Sc. He is very popular in his University and he represents University on various platforms. Sports are an activity where the metal of mind and might is put to on acid test. His extraordinary prowess has outrun the competition not only in India but also across the world in the field of shooting. A hundred of medals won by him are the quintessence of his excellence.